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M. Jayachandran, an admirer of the serene world of music, a vivid musician who has been diverting his fans for the past two decade, nothing but a boon to the Malayalam music industry.

Music was never a way of living for him; it was a divine power that motivated him. Malayalam film industry and its audience are indeed blessed with his brilliant compositions. He has been substantially influencing the film industry with his innovative and creative compositions. His innate ability to coalesce has made his work renowned among people from all walks of life. He is the best critic for his music, and his compositions are meliorated by the mere fact that he deeply enjoys the intricacies and tranquillity of music. The singer in him is as celebrated by his fans as the music director.

Personal Life



M Jayachandran, born in the year 1971 to Mr. Madhusoodhanan Nair and Mrs. Sukumari, spent most of the early years of his childhood in Cochin. Though he later moved to Trivandrum, he still merrily calls himself a “Kochikkaran”. It was his father who introduced him to the world of music, and his brother Prakash Chandran became his ardent supporter, philosopher and guide. It was the dream of his family to make him a renowned musician.  He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from College of Engineering, Trivandrum. M. Jayachandran got married to Priya on 12th November, 1995. They have two sons, Nandagopal and Karthik Gopal.


“Amma – My Greatest Inspiration”

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