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Learn to imbibe music with him, walk with him his bygone days, and share his dreams for a melodic future.

This website is dedicated to the Evergreen Memory of his Mother, his Greatest Inspiration.

Fruition of thoughts

Music is a great pacifier…

“We are living at a time when music, more often than not, has come to be identified as mere generation of sound.  Sadly, at times, it even attains the level of noise.  But our masters have always stressed only on one aspect – music! And when we talk about music in films, I get seriously concerned and can’t help asking myself – Will we lose music? For me, music has always remained as a tool for pacification.  And I believe that almighty is the greatest messiah of pacification. God is music.  And like God, music too pacifies and keeps you absolutely at peace.”

Every generation is ‘new’

“Every genre of music and musicians has introduced a fresh breath of air into the world of film-based music.  And, I don’t really agree with the tag ‘new generation’.  Devarajan-master was responsible for creating a new wave.  In that sense, he too belonged to a ‘new’ generation and so are most others like him.”

Attitude Matters..

“Be it music or any other pursuits, whatever we do, success knocks at your door only when you crave for something with a clear cut attitude.  And you have to prove your mettle through a style of your own.  Here’s when attitude matters.”

Lessons learnt from masters

“I was fortunate enough to learn the nuances of music composing from maestros like Devarajan-Master and MBS-Master.  It was from them that I learnt to breath, live and meditate music.  Devarajan-Master taught me how to lend music to a song without hurting the language. Srinivasan-Master trained me how to orchestrate a song sensitively and sensibly.  Both my Gurus were two different schools, two distinctive dimensions.”

Criticism inspires me

“Success is always followed by some measure of criticism. And interestingly, I sum up inspiration from criticism.  And, I am of the conviction that it’s the presence of God that makes a song more musical.”

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